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MAXXI becomes 5G Ready thanks to INWIT

INWIT confirms its commitment to art by forming a partnership with MAXXI in Rome for installation of a DAS system in the museum and enhancement of a new exhibition.

INWIT confirms its commitment to art by forming a partnership with MAXXI in Rome for installation of a DAS system in the museum and enhancement of a new exhibition.

Valuing art in all its forms, improving the visitor experience and offering increasingly innovative services. 

These are the objectives of the partnership between INWIT and MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Arts) in Rome, one of the main Italian museums of contemporary art, which has the ambition to bring about dialogue between technology and art. 

On one hand, INWIT will instal an innovative Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inside MAXXI, transforming it into Italy’s first “5 Ready” museum. 

On the other, the company has confirmed its commitment to enhancing art by promoting the “Of the spiritual material of art” exhibition. 

The exhibition, curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, will remain installed in the museum designed by Zaha Hadid until March 6, 2020 and, together with the other events that will be presented in the coming weeks, will immediately benefit from the advantages offered by the DAS system. 

MAXXI is 5G Ready

Thanks to INWIT’s DAS, MAXXI will immediately benefit from an improved signal from all mobile operators. 

In particular, the micro-antennas that make up the system have been placed in the exhibition rooms and in the visitor areas of the structure, so as to offer a more stable and powerful signal, able to guarantee all visitors a high-level user experience . 

And that’s not all, because INWIT’s DAS will take MAXXI into the future, making it the first national museum centre with “5G Ready” coverage.  

Thanks to the new connection technology currently being implemented in Italy, MAXXI will be able to enable innovative and interactive services, such as augmented reality (usable through special viewers), but also virtual guides with the ability to quickly download content on exhibitions or individual works to widen the visitor’s experience. 

Once available, services related to 5G technology will lead to a real revolution in the use of art and in the relationship between visitor and museum.

The DAS system at MAXXI is the first to be set up in a gallery. We are certain that our experience in setting up infrastructures for indoor mobile coverage will help the gallery exploit all the possibilities of this technology, developing new services for visitors.

Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT

INWIT is leader in Italy for the creation of indoor and outdoor micro-coverage systems with plants already active and located, for example, in railway stations, the country’s most beautiful villages and structures such as hotels and shopping centres. 

In 2020, the year MAXXI celebrates its tenth anniversary, we intend to create a real paradigm shift with our partner INWIT, in which new technologies contribute to the definition of a broader creative dimension. The DAS system is really the ideal beginning for designing, distributing and conveying content and services of high innovative value for the museum-going public, including by means of the 5G revolution.

Giovanna Melandri, President of the MAXXI Foundation

A partnership dedicated to art 

The installation of the DAS is just the first step in a wider partnership that INWIT and MAXXI have decided to enter into and dedicated to art and technology. 

The “Della materia spirituale dell’arte” exhibition is an itinerary in the immaterial to be followed through the look of contemporary art and, at the same time, of the archaic history of Rome. 

We chose MAXXI for this launch because we wanted a museum that wasn’t just a place of preservation and exhibition, but a laboratory of experimentation and cultural innovation, where the aesthetic content of our times is designed, researched and produced.

Giovanni Ferigo, CEO di INWIT

The exhibition brings together works of contemporary art by 19 leading international artists with a selection of archaeological finds from the main museums of the capital, including the Vatican Museums, the National Roman Museum, the Capitoline Museums and the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, in an unprecedented combination that aims to make visitors ask: “What does it mean today to talk about the spiritual?” 

INWIT and art

INWIT attaches great importance to promoting Italy’s enormous cultural wealth, a heritage made up of history, art and architecture and also intangible cultural expressions that are recognised the world over.

Inwit encourages the development of tourism and the enhancement of the historical and architectural treasures of Italy in many ways. For example, INWIT ensures the local governments of some of the most beautiful towns are more and more connected and innovative, by creating specific “5G Ready” DAS networks.

In recent months, INWIT has also confirmed its kinship with art by hostingthe internationally renowned artist Tommaso Cascella at the Vinòforum event. The artist created a work of art especially for the occasion, allowing visitors to be present at the birth and evolution of a painting.

Today, the partnership with MAXXI further confirms this commitment, once again highlighting how promoting our past and our culture is inextricably related to our future connections.