In “Grandi Stazioni” Connections are on the Right Track

INWIT and FS Italiane have launched a project to improve mobile connections in several large stations in Italy and prepare them for the arrival of 5G.

INWIT and FS Italiane have launched a project to improve mobile connections in several large stations in Italy and prepare them for the arrival of 5G.

A train station is much more than a place of transit and waiting: it’s a place for meeting, socializing, sharing, where we are in contact with the world. 

And starting today, thanks to INWIT, travellers and visitors to several large Italian stations will be able to have more solid and faster connections. 

In collaboration with Gruppo FS Italiane, INWIT is going to install new, latest-generation Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in the stations of Bologna Central, Florence Santa Maria Novella, Naples Central, Rome Termini, Rome Tiburtina, Turin Porta Nuova, Venice Mestre, Venice Santa Lucia and Verona Porta Nuova. These systems will optimize signal reception for mobile operators and enhance internet connections for smartphones, tablets and computers.

The partnership between Gruppo FS Italiane and INWIT will allow travellers and visitors to the biggest train stations in Italy to be better connected with their devices.

Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT

A 5G Future 

The Distributed Antenna Systems are one of the most important developments for the connections of tomorrow. 

In a DAS, numerous micro-antennae are spread densely throughout a given environment and connected with fiber optics to an electronic control unit, which will receive signal from the operators. 

The control unit can re-launch the signal to all the parts of the system at a speed and power unthinkable for large external antennae, ensuring a notable improvement in reception and the so-called customer experience for mobile systems currently in use with 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G+ technologies.

And there’s more. With INWIT’s new DAS infrastructure, these large Italian stations will be 5G ready. They’ll be prepped for the introduction of the innovative technology that mobile operators, already this year, will use in Italy. 

We are responding to the constant requirement of mobile connectivity by building systems throughout Italy, like DAS, to improve operator coverage in high-traffic outdoor and indoor sites, with an eye on the future of new 5G technology

Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT

With their dense network, micro-antennae are essential tools for the correct functioning of 5G technology, which requires a constant and powerful signal, not only to receive and send documents and video content faster than at present, but also to support all the innovation involved with the Internet of Things (IOT).

Thanks to DASs located in stations, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, stadiums and city areas with a high concentration of people, INWIT will guarantee operator signal reception of the highest quality and the possibility of using innovative services everywhere.