Safety at Work: INWIT brings suppliers and partners together

Promoting an workplace safety culture to ensure an increasingly safe working environment, with a growing emphasis on risk prevention and health protection.

Guaranteeing the right of all workers to their health and to a safe and healthy working environment, giving ever greater emphasis to the role of prevention and health and safety in the workplace to reduce accidents, work-related illnesses and deaths at work, has become a fundamental objective for companies, which are called upon to promote a workplace safety culture in order to create a working environment that is attentive to the well-being of their employees.

Consistently with our commitment to prevention, health and safety at work, INWIT organised an appointment, today in Rome, dedicated to suppliers and partners to raise awareness and encourage sharing, participation and cooperation. The objective of the meeting – which will be repeated in Milan in a second appointment scheduled for mid-October – is to create a direct channel of collaboration with a more structured approach to workplace and worker safety, capable of effectively managing HSE processes and guaranteeing the highest standards along the entire value chain.

HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) topics, in fact, are central to INWIT’s Sustainability Plan – articulated in the three areas of commitment Environment, Social and Governance -, integrated in the business strategy and aimed at promoting active policies to favour the quality of work and well-being of employees and the entire supply chain. A commitment that translates into increasing attention to prevention in the workplace, encouraging the attention, involvement and information of all our stakeholders and promoting the application of best practices on health and safety protection in the company.

In order to better monitor and manage the health and safety topic, INWIT has embarked on a path that has seen the integration of the Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Management System with the Quality Management System.