First INWIT Sustainability Day: the values of digital and shared infrastructures

The new INWIT event that encourages dialogue with its stakeholders, for a transparent and sustainable business.

The first INWIT Sustainability Day entitled “The value of digital and shared infrastructures” took place on Monday 13 May 2024 at 11.00 am, at the Civita Association in Piazza Venezia 11, Rome.

This is an opportunity to discuss the topic of digital and shared infrastructures and how they create value in our country, distributing it among the various stakeholders.

Sustainability Day is one of the pillars of INWIT’s stakeholder engagement activity and represents an opportunity to share strategies, objectives and results, aware that relationships with stakeholders are an integral part of responsible and sustainable management of the business.

During the event Livio Gigliuto, President of the Piepoli Institute, presented the results of the new survey on “the value of digital infrastructures”. The event, after greetings from Gianni Letta, President of the Civita Association, and the contribution of Monica Lucarelli, Councilor for Economic Development and Equal Opportunities Roma Capitale and Sen Adolfo Urso, Minister of Business and Made in Italy, saw the participation of: Diego Galli, General Director of INWIT, Laura Cavatorta, President of the INWIT Sustainability Committee, SNAM ESG Committee, On Salvatore Deidda, President of the Chamber of Deputies Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission, Lavinia Spingardi, Sky TG24e Journalist Daria Perrotta, President of the Fund’s Strategic Steering Committee for the Digital Republic.

During the meeting Diego Galli – General Director of INWIT – declared:

“We are increasingly moving towards a hyper-connected society, with a growing need for data, which requires efficient digital infrastructures. Our business model is intrinsically sustainable and through the sharing of INWIT digital infrastructures we enable more sustainable development along the entire value chain and combine industrial, economic, social and environmental efficiency. This is the true value of our infrastructures, which is appreciated by the community and which also expresses the ability to consider the needs of the various stakeholders within business strategies”.

The event will was presented and moderated by Michelangelo Suigo, Director of External Relations, Communication and Sustainability of INWIT. If you missed the meeting, you can watch the event on our website (If you do not see the video below, click here).

Our business model is intrinsically sustainable. Watch the video! (if you can’t see the preview, click here).

Discover INWIT digital and shared infrastructures (if you don’t see the video below, click here).