Suigo: Priority to utilize the PNRR and complete the development of digital infrastructures

Ponza d'Autore INWIT

During the event Ponza d’Autore, Michelangelo Suigo of INWIT participated in a panel dedicated to sustainability, PNRR and infodemic.

The 13th edition of Ponza d’Autore, a festival dedicated to people, cultures and places that every year entertains the audience in the Lazio island, took place from July 23-25. Michelangelo Suigo, Director of External Relations, Communication and Sustainability of INWIT participated in the panel titled “Thinking Sustainable: smart Italy, slow life” together with Alessia Rotta, President of the Environment, Public Works and Territory Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Bernabò, Vice Director of Il Sole 24 Ore and Federica Gasbarro, activist, moderated by journalist Alessio Jacona. The event can be reviewed on the social channels of the festival.

PNRR and 5G network

Among the topics addressed in the panel discussion also the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan approved by the Italian government, and 5G. “With the PNRR we have the duty to look to the future and begin to build the foundations of a more digital and sustainable Italy to deliver to our children – said Suigo – If we want to transform our country into a ‘Smart Country’ and recover the digital gap with other EU countries, we must move from thinking sustainable to acting sustainable. It is a priority to take advantage of the PNRR and complete the development of digital infrastructure throughout the country”. The problem of fake news about 5G and misinformation about the new technology were at the center of the debate: “We are moving in the right direction to accelerate the development of 5G networks across the country. However, these efforts risk to be in vain if they are not accompanied by a strong cultural mobilization aimed at spreading correct information about 5G and to raise public awareness on the value and usefulness of this new technology. Too often, in fact, the debate on 5G in Italy is still ‘hostage’ to fake news and misinformation campaigns that represent an obstacle to the digital transition of our country,” added Suigo before focusing on INWIT’s three-year Sustainability Plan.

“Raise public awareness about the value and usefulness of this new technology.”

Michelangelo Suigo, INWIT

The interventions of the deputy ministers at Ponza d’Autore

On the PNRR also spoke the deputy ministers of Economy and Finance, Laura Castelli, and Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, on Alessandro Morelli. “We have an excess of supply and a lack of demand on the grounding of PNRR. There is a lack of healthy businesses that can afford things, that have the right liquidity to do so,” said Castelli (M5S). According to Morelli “the goal is to bring home the greatest possible result for the country. And that is to get these major works by June 2026, as defined by Europe. To reach this goal there may be some criticalities, but to bring home the result in the set time will be necessary to address the needs in order to try all together to overcome in case these occur. Rotta (PD) spoke of the importance of the digital transition: “The transition will work if it will be right, that is without leaving anyone behind and if it will change the relationship between institutions, business and citizens, who must be involved, otherwise it will not be done” – she explained.