Leadership Team

Lucio Golinelli

Commercial Department Director

Lucio Golinelli holds a degree in statistics and economics from the University of Rome La Sapienza. He has many years of experience in marketing & sales. After serving as Sales Director at Bouygues Telcom (France) in 1996 and as Marketing Director at Mobilkom Austria in 1999, he returned to Italy as Consumer Sales Director at Tim.

In 2009 he joined Sky assuming the direction of the Sales Department, later merged with the Service Department, and culminating his experience in Sky as Retail&Service Senior Director. As part of his professional experience, he contributed to the spread of mobile telephony in European markets, overseeing the launch of prepaid services, the introduction of new data platforms and Apple’s entry into the Italian market.

At Sky, he managed the commercial and operations areas, fully experiencing the company’s transformation during the launch phase of new products such as Broadband and Glass. Used to operating in competitive markets, he considers essential to operate with team spirit and results orientation.

Oscar Cicchetti


Diego Galli

General Manager

Alessandro Pirovano

Internal Audit Director

Emilia Trudu

Administration, Finance & Control Director

Salvatore Lo Giudice
Salvatore Lo Giudice

Legal & Corporate Affairs Director

Donatella Colantoni

Human Resources & Organization Director

Michelangelo Suigo
Michelangelo Suigo

External Relations, Communication & Sustainability Director

Gabriele Abbagnara
Gabriele Abbagnara

Indoor Coverage Solutions Director

Fabio Ruffini

Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Development

Andrea Mondo

Technology & Operations Director