1°INWITday: a special day to affirm our values and team spirit.

An important opportunity to meet and consolidate the spirit of cooperation and synergy of a team that has achieved important successes in a short time and is now ready to face new challenges.

Sharing, discussion, fun and many projects. This was the recipe for the 1st INWITday, INWIT’s first corporate event, which brought together all employees from all over the country on 1 December 2022 and took place at the Officine Farneto in Rome.

During the plenary organized for the day, which saw the alternation of more ‘playful’ moments with moments more dedicated to corporate work, speeches, testimonies and comparisons followed one another, and two projects of great relevance for INWIT were presented, which testify to the company’s commitment to an increasingly connected and sustainable world thanks also to teamwork:

INWIT’s values

The first project aims to tell the story of what lies behind our commitment, our desire to always move forward and our daily work. INWIT’s values represent the fundamental principles on which the company is based and which guide the way we operate. Adopting strong values helps build a strong and cohesive corporate culture, which in turn can attract talent, improve productivity and employee satisfaction, and foster positive relationships with customers, stakeholders and the community.

It is our values and passions that move us towards the future, overcoming obstacles. 


The #INWITsonoIo campaign aims to show the faces of INWIT’s people, with the objective of creating an ever-greater involvement on the part of employees around the company’s values and giving space and recognition to their work. 
We believe that people are the bearers of creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and are essential for the company’s growth and development. We believe that relationships and effective communication are key to achieving goals and creating a positive and collaborative work environment.

For us at INWIT, connection is also an expression of relationships, of sharing and of the possibility to make people feel close, being able to connect and realise goals and desires together. We believe that the ability to connect and dialogue can develop growth and stimulate passion, and a day like this made the sense of belonging and participation even more real and tangible.