INWIT, round table on the themes of inclusion and diversity

inwit 4w4i copertina

During the 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion kermesse, INWIT webinar “I don’t want to be a princess I wanna be a CEO!” took place.

The cross-company event 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion kicked off on October 22 and for four weeks promoted events, webinars and online lessons dedicated to the themes of diversity and inclusion. Our company was featured with the webinar titled “I don’t want to be a princess, I wanna be a CEO!” which you can view in its entirety in the video below with English subtitles:

The round table, which was part of the thematic day dedicated to Gender Gap, saw the participation of Barbara Cominelli, CEO JLL Italy; Cecilia D’Elia, Head of Equality Policies of the PD National Party; Paola Mascaro, President Valore D and Chair G20 Empower; Dina Ravera, Board Member Reply, INWIT and A2A; Francesca Stacchiotti, Human Resources Director INWIT and was moderated by Michelangelo Suigo, Director of External Relations, Communication and Sustainability of INWIT. The protagonists described how to become successful women and what are the necessary steps to close the gender gap that still characterizes the world of work.

“Obstacles for women must be removed, the best talents must be valued and full meritocracy must be guaranteed. Diversity is now a business issue,” said Barbara Cominelli, CEO JLL Italy. “The situation is heterogeneous, but no country in the world has yet achieved gender parity” said Paola Mascaro, President Valore D. “Promoting diversity in the company creates value, but the only ones who can really do something are us women” said Dina Ravera, Board Member Reply, INWIT and A2A. Francesca Stacchiotti, INWIT Human Resources Director, underlined the company’s commitment in the fields of inclusion and research of solutions for the Gender Gap: “We have started a path of inclusion that has led today to have 37% of women in our company. Our goal is to ensure equal opportunities in top management positions and to do so we act on two fronts: on the reference base, to increase the presence of women in the company and on internal policies, to reduce gender gaps in growth paths”.

“According to Grant Thornton’s annual Women in Business Report, in Italy women in the role of CEO has fallen to 18% in 2021 (from 23% in 2020), below the Eurozone average of 21% and the global average figure of 26%. Italy therefore remains at the back of the queue on the issue of female leadership and the contribution of all, men and women, is needed to reverse the trend,” said Michelangelo Suigo, Director of External Relations, Communication and Sustainability at INWIT.

4 Weeks 4 Inclusion represents a great marathon dedicated to diversity and inclusion. 4 weeks, from October 22 to November 22, with 189 digital events organized by over 200 companies. After the recent approval of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy, by participating in this initiative INWIT reinforces its commitment to the creation of a sustainable and inclusive business, which allows all employees to express themselves and their diversity and represents an enrichment for people and for the company.