Interview to Giovanni Ferigo for SustainEconomy. 24

With the towers we work on digital inclusion. And we are ready for carbon neutrality in 2024

Giovanni Ferigo,  CEO of INWIT, explains to SustainEconomy.24 the success and importance of the Integrated Report just published; This Report provides stakeholders with a complete view of the company’s strategy, operating model and Governance, integrating financial and non-financial information. 

We are definitely proud of the results we have achieved. Moreover, last year our first Integrated Report fostered last year a general improvement in our results among the main Esg ratings: CDP Climate Change, MSCI, Sustainalytics, Refinitiv, FTSE Russel and Glio/Gresb.

Giovanni Ferigo

After the important result of the Integrated Report last year, Giovanni Ferigo adds: “INWIT aims to increase the reported indicators to provide an even more complete representation of our activities as well as our commitment.

There is also a climate strategy within the Sustainability Plan to take into account in order to reduce and neutralize CO2 emissions by achieving carbon neutrality by 2024: “We are now continuing rapidly with our emissions reduction initiatives, through investments in energy efficiency initiatives and the development of renewable sources as well as the use, starting this year, of 100% electricity from renewable sources.

Digitization and the digital divide were also discussed during the interview: “We want to promote and develop collaborative projects to increase coverage of smaller municipalities, rural areas and sites of high social and cultural value, such as hospitals, universities and museums, aiming on the one hand to overcome the geographic digital divide and on the other to foster greater social and digital inclusiveness.” 

INWIT, a leader in Italy in terms of digital infrastructure, is now evolving towards the concept of tower as a service to “offer different services to operators, through a transformation from an infrastructure for hosting radio transmission systems, to a technology center, in which IoT components, drones and communication systems are merged to support telecom operators.” 

Another important step towards digitization has been the development of DAS systems.

Giovanni Ferigo describes finally the planned gender equality and gender pay gap targets: “While aiming to reach 40% of women in the total workforce as early as 2022, we intend to reduce the overall gender pay gap to 12% in 2024, starting from 25% in 2020.

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