Integrated Report 2022: our commitment to an increasingly connected and sustainable world

The third edition of the Integrated Report, containing INWIT’s fifth Voluntary Non-Financial Statement, is online.

The Integrated Report is the tool through which INWIT tells its stakeholders about the performance achieved and the commitments undertaken from an ESG perspective, through a narrative articulated on the 6 capitals identified by the IR framework (of the International Integrated Reporting Council – IIRC), as variables that determine the creation of value: Financial Capital, Infrastructural Capital, Intellectual Capital, Social and Relational Capital, Human Capital and Natural Capital.

INWIT, basing its operations on the concept of tower as a service as a neutral host, continues to be committed to pursuing its mission, that of creating and managing shared and digital wireless infrastructures, which enable operators and technologies to connect people and objects, anytime and anywhere, for the benefit of the communities in which we operate and which are necessary in the process of promotion and digital transformation for a more sustainable society.

In 2022, INWIT consolidated and strengthened the path, started in 2020, towards the creation of a sustainable business model. A real paradigm shift, where digitization and sustainability become increasingly indistinguishable synonyms and people take on a central role. In this evolved context, INWIT has redefined its corporate values, focusing them around the concept of sustainable success, around which its commitment and passion for customers, people, results and sustainability revolve.

As further evidence of the importance and strategic importance INWIT attaches to its people, the first INWIT Day was organized in 2022 to consolidate the team spirit and collaboration of the company’s employees.

On the subject of Climate Change, in line with the emission reduction targets set out in the Sustainability Plan, INWIT, after obtaining validation of its CO2 emission reduction target by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), in 2022 purchased 100% of its electricity from renewable sources and produced its first TCFD Report, which incorporates the reporting framework defined by the Task Force on Climate-related FInancial Disclosure (TCFD) and is based on the 11 Recommendations of the TCFD.

Among the year’s main achievements is the inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index and the FTSE4Good, two of the leading ESG indices.

These and other achievements, actions taken and the overall value created by INWIT in 2022 are recounted in the Integrated Report.

We continue on this path, aware that our infrastructure and know-how are essential to creating a more connected future and a more inclusive, sustainable and secure society.