INWIT partner of the 5G-CARMEN project

A digital corridor for the mobility of the future – the results of the 5G-CARMEN project were presented in the setting of the Plessi Museum at the Brenner border

Andrea Mondo (CTO INWIT) “INWIT confirms itself as an enabler of 5G, of digital transformation to support operators and the development of the industrial and social ecosystem“.

The project, funded by the European Union as part of the ‘Horizon 2020’ Programme and coordinated by the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), aims to address the challenges of cooperative, connected and automated mobility, exploiting the concept of ‘mobility corridors’.

The experimentation involved 600 km of roads through three countries (Italy, Austria and Germany), along the Munich-Bologna motorway corridor, one of the most important stretches, in terms of traffic volumes, identified by the European Union where action can be taken to improve the mobility of people and goods throughout Europe.

Safety, advanced emergency management, traffic sustainability, environmental aspects: these are many of the challenges that can be met thanks to the most innovative technologies (CCAM and Edge Cloud) and that will allow cars to be connected to each other and to ground facilities for better management of vehicle traffic.

The key factor will be 5G technology, which will make it possible to evolve the current 4G mobile radio network to better meet service requirements in terms of data rates exchanged and network infrastructure reaction times for the implementation of next-generation connected, cooperative and automated vehicles.

At the end of the event, participants were able to try out the demos, directly on the road, performing semi-autonomous manoeuvres thanks to vehicles equipped with the new technologies, the result of the 5G-CARMEN project.

INWIT is a technology partner of the project together with other leading European companies.

We are proud to have made our towers available for a project that smacks of the future and that contributes to taking another important step towards a more digital and sustainable country and for a Europe also united in innovation,” said Andrea Mondo, CTO of INWIT. “Thanks to this activity, we confirm INWIT’s role as an enabler of 5G, and of digital transformation to support operators and the development of the industrial and social ecosystem.

We continue our mission for the digital and sustainable development of the country.

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