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INWIT endorses the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication

fermare la violenza verbale sui social

Partnership signed with the Parole Ostili Association to stop verbal abuse on social media.

Partnership signed with the Parole Ostili Association to stop verbal abuse on social media

INWIT is endorsing the ‘Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication’ issued by Parole O_Stili, an association committed to improving digital communications, especially on social networks. 

The project, which several large companies have endorsed, is a chance to redefine the style we use on the web and to empower users and employees to choose words with care, starting with the premise that social networks especially – despite being virtual spaces – are not a free zone, but rather a place where real people meet. A style INWIT has always used as a model for its communications strategy.
The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication is made up of ten principles (see graphic):

INWIT is reconfirming its commitment to advocating for these principles in all its activities and communications channels, online and offline, and spreading the content inside and outside the company. We are aware of the need to return to the correct use of the meaning of words to develop a constructive community.

Having sustainability as a goal in all our actions means, for INWIT, dealing with misunderstandings, distortions of communications, fighting hate speech and fake news, accepting opposing views as enrichment, blocking every form of verbal abuse. According to a SWG study, verbal aggression arises in companies as well: 2/3 of employees report disrespectful language and only 26% of Italian companies are attentive to the needs of their employees on topics of corporate welfare, parenting, accessibility, etc. 

For INWIT, words are important.