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The new INWIT Code of Ethics

INWIT presents the new Code of Ethics, approved on 9 November 2023 by the Board of Directors, a fundamental tool to protect the Company’s values, strengthen and maintain a culture of ethics, promote shared integrity and transparency, inspiring virtuous conduct and behaviour by all those who work in the interest of the company. The Code of Ethics is at the root of the entire Corporate Governance system and is an integral part of the company’s Internal Control and Risk Management System (SCIGR).

It represents INWIT’s charter of values, which governs the company’s actions, strategies and objectives, as a point of reference for everyday work.

The values contained in the document stem from INWIT’s Vision and Purpose, the cornerstones of the company’s reality: at the centre of it all are digital infrastructures, which represent the opportunity to build a better country, characterised by a new development model made up of efficient services, digital innovation, sustainable management of resources and lower environmental impact, attention to citizens and the territory, widespread well-being and equal opportunities.


The beating heart and enabling factor are the people: their protection is fundamental for the sustainable success of INWIT and the realisation of the company’s objectives, a commitment well summarised in the “INWITsonoIO” and “INWITsiamoNOI” manifestos.

INWIT works every day to create an environment where people can work in an environment of both good health and safety, promoting responsible behaviour; at every hierarchical level, interpersonal relations are based on teamwork, respect and constructive dialogue.

An inclusive business model that values diversity, personal wealth and women’s empowerment is promoted, operating in compliance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on the observance of human rights protection.


Respect for the Code is a duty of all Addressees, i.e. employees, suppliers, customers and collaborators who in any capacity operate in the name of and on behalf of INWIT, and it is therefore necessary to understand its meaning and to take steps to ask for any clarifications concerning it. The attention of the Addressees is a fundamental factor for the success and reputation of the Company.

Download INWIT’s new Code of Ethics