INWIT at 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion – “Digital infrastructures for the country: between digital divide and social inclusion” 

Tuesday, October 17th, at 14:00 our webinar to talk about the value of digital infrastructure on the country to reduce inequalities and ensure equal opportunities. 

INWIT was the protagonist of the fourth edition of 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, the inter-company initiative created to promote the values of inclusion and the right to diversity, scheduled from the 12th of October to the 14th of November 2023, presenting the webinar titled “Digital infrastructures for the country: between digital divide and social inclusion”. 

The event, which took place on Tuesday, the 17th, and was live-streamed from 2 to 3 p.m. on our website, was an opportunity to discuss how the digital dimension is now a necessity to reduce inequalities, guarantee equal opportunities and develop a culture of digital innovation by fighting the digital divide and the new digital illiteracy. 

The guests of the webinar were Emilia Trudu, Administration, Finance & Control Director INWIT; Livio Gigliuto, Executive Chairman Istituto Piepoli; Laura Cavatorta, Chairman INWIT Sustainability Committee; Cristiana Scelza, Chairman Valore D; Alessandra Ravetta, Prima Comunicazione Director; Giampiero Mongatti, Mayor of Barberino di Mugello and Giovanna Bruno, Mayor of Andria.  

Michelangelo Suigo, External Relations & Communication Director of INWIT, moderated the webinar. 

400 partners are involved in this year’s edition of 4week4Inclusion, including companies, universities, associations and non-profit organisations, who will take turns in the marathon of events, debates and webinars on D&I topics. 

Below you can re-watch the recording of the webinar.