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Details of the Rome stop of TourFOR5G

The meeting with the Roman stage of the TourFOR5G hosted an interesting debate on the technological development of the Capital.

The TourFOR5G, the traveling event organized by Fondazione Ottimisti e Razionali and INWIT, arrived in Rome on March 8, 2022. With the presence of the Mayor of the Capital Roberto Gualtieri, the guests discussed the future of the city and the implementation of the 5G network, as well as new technologies useful to the development of an innovative smart city. At the center of the tour, the territories and the potential of 5G for the full implementation of the objectives, also contained in the PNRR, to facilitate the digital transition in the country.

“Providing Rome with a new generation of digital infrastructure is one of the key priorities for the relaunch of the city – said Roberto Gualtieri, Mayor of Roma Capitale -. The real challenge is the one of 5G, to be built through the system of widespread antennas, to ‘dress’ the city of this next-generation technology. For this reason we are working in support of the operators who must build the infrastructure, with the aim of a concrete leap forward that makes possible a serious digitalization of public administration”.

Respect for the cultural value of the city and the preservation of its historic buildings go hand in hand with the desire for modernization and access to useful technologies for the development of a smart city. “It should be acknowledged that Roma Capitale has embarked on a path of simplification, which is fundamental in order to proceed to the full digitization of the city. With this Tour, INWIT wants to build an alliance with mayors to accelerate the implementation of 5G network infrastructure, not only with outdoor towers, but also with distributed antenna systems for indoor coverage. With 5G, the incredible bandwidth capacity and intrinsic security it will be possible to build and manage an IOT network necessary to allow Rome to become a smart city without invasive interventions and safeguarding the historical and cultural value of the city,” said Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT. “The historic center of Rome is a UNESCO heritage site. It is important that it continues to give itself a broad perspective of development, configuring itself as a smart city” said Lorenza Bonaccorsi, President of the 1st Municipality of Roma Capitale.

The central role of 5G for the city is reiterated by the Councillor for Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities Monica Lucarelli: “We have seen it during the lockdown, with the DAD and smart working- said Lucarelli to the site Key4Biz – the administration is ready to make a leap forward also through the SUAP, meeting point for businesses. The concept of distributed antennas is fundamental and the goal is to make Rome a digital city, on the other hand PNRR comes from Next Generation Europe”. The appointment is now for the next stage of the TourFOR5G: stay in touch with the social pages of INWIT and Fondazione Ottimisti & Razionali not to miss the new scheduled events.